Monday, 16 March 2009

Adwords and Google Everything

Our business is almost totally reliant on Google Adwords. We occasionally slap an ad in a relevant magazine but, as per the old adage, we've no idea how effective it is. With Adwords we get to see the effects directly and truthfully I can't see how old fashioned advertising dependant businesses, including newspapers and commercial radio and TV, are going to survive without drastically changing the way they do things. So here are two questions I'm mulling over.

1. Are we as a business becoming so comfortably dependant on Adwords, and thereby Google, that we're forgetting the basic rules of business by not diversifying in some way? I have no answers to this one yet.

2. What sort of new income streams can conventional (non BBC) media outlets turn to? On this point I have some initial thoughts. Suppose journalists and presenters don't get paid by the newspaper or station but instead run blogs and forums that interact directly with the audience beyond conventional print or airwaves. They make their income from advertising on said blogs and are so directly incentivised to interact with the audience. One immediate concern might be that the best way to get advertising onto your blog is via Google Adsense. Which brings me back to question 1.


  1. I hear on the Today Programme this morning that an EU designer label is challenging Google's dominance in the advertsing arena. They say soon there'll be no competition and Google will be able to charge what it likes....